Four students of senior teacher Glenn Ceresoli

Who are those people that do all this yoga?

I asked four students in Italy this summer. Here are four different students that attended this week in Italy, July 2016:



I met Cara first time on yoga retreat with Glenn in Italy, I think it was in 2006. Since then we have met many times on his workshops, and she is a very close – and fun friend.

Nameblogg cara

Cara May




Zurich, Switzerland


Yoga Teacher and mother

When and where did you first meet Glenn?

2004/5 Zurich


What is the reason for coming here?

I come when I can to retreat here in Italy as Australia is too far away. I relish the time here to deepen my practice and to be removed from my everyday life / routine / experience.


Yoga feels right, it is both grounding and is, in a way, an escape from everyday life situations, strengthening my whole being.



I met Ken for the first time in Italy this year. He taught us how to keep our breath for minutes in the pool, as he is a freediver. We didn’t manage anything close to his record of course, as he has dived more than 70 meters deep, and held his breath for more than 7 minutes! Fun facts that impress me!

Nameblogg ken

Ken Kiriyaman




The Maldives/ Denmark


Freediving Instructor & Pranayama teacher

When  and where did you first meet Glenn? 

Byron Bay, Australia 2004


What is the reason for coming here?

I am here to rekindle my Yoga practice and to be inspired as I would like to return to teaching Yoga again. The depth and quality of Glenns teaching is unique and a great opportunity for a student of Yoga to grow and be inspired.



Jenny is the sweetest person. I have met her many times on yoga courses and retreats with Glenn, and she even gave me her bedroom when I came to Copenhagen.

Nameblogg jenni

Jenni Saunte




Copenhagen, Denmark


Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Web-developer and cultural project manager

When and where did you first meet Glenn?

2007-2008 In Italy


What is the reason for coming here?

I keep returning to Glenn and his teaching, since it is the most effective path to transformation. It keeps me honest and it reveals more about me and my teaching and practice in few weeks then I can imagine before I come, every year.

Glenn´s fire is contagious, so the fire I need to do my self-practice, in the long dark winter in Scandinavia, gets well litt, and my comittment to my self-practice gets so strong and lasts for months after.



Thomas is our dear friend for many years. Our family met them first time in Byron Bay in 2010, when Belinda, Thomas and Torbjørn were doing the two month teacher training. We rented a house, and Thomas and Belinda rented the garage… He and his wife Belinda came to Norway for a year to teach yoga at YogaYoga, and they did a great job. So many students in Stavanger were so thankful for their teaching.

Nameblogg thomas

Thomas Franklin




Cardiff, Wales


Iyengar Yoga Teacher

When and where did you first meet Glenn?

Gold Coast, Australia. April 2005


What is the reason for coming here?

I returned to Quercia Calante with Glenn this year 2016 for 4 weeks. July 2015 I attended for 4 weeks also. Prior to this my wife Belinda developed cancer, her health deteriorated during which time I cared for her until she passed away in May 2015. After going through an experience of this nature my life felt ruptured, it was a truly sobering experience. I had the fortune of attending Glenns Italy retreat for 4 weeks  shortly after Belindas funeral. It proved to be an invaluable time. It gave me the opportunity to  re-energise, restore my system which felt depleted on all levels. Glenn conveys through his teaching the restoration of balance, the 4 weeks under his tuition helped me establish a platform to do just that. This process continues to this day. Glenn gives you the tools through the practise of Yoga to meet and deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Be under no illusion that this process requires discipline and effort. It has been little over a year since Belinda left this earthly realm. I am at ease with this new life situation, a life situation I did not expect so soon. I am eternally grateful to Yoga and to Glenn and Margaret. Namaste!

Glenn conveys this subject like no other teacher I have been exposed to.

I could write paragraphs about why I am here, however it would not do Glenn and his teaching any justice.

You simply have to experience it!

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