What do we do on a yoga retreat?   

Not a treat all the time, just fantastic.

Here are some pictures from week four in Italy this summer with Glenn Ceresoli. Just a few pictures of all the work we did through hours of practice every day.

Arm balances

it arm bal 1


We all did our best –and they are all doing it this side of the yoga room:

it arm 1


Variations of backbend work:

Shoulder bag variation

it shoulder bag


Hand bag variation

it handbag


One way of using the chair

urdv dan 2 var


How to vary with straight legs (not for everyone, so Selma demonstrates how-to)

it urdv 2 se


How to do drop-backs balanced – with Karin

it ka urdv 1

it kar urd 3

it kar urdv 4



How to do drop-backs balanced – with Jenny

it je urdv 1

it je urv 2


How are we using the chair in Iyengar yoga?

Not the most commonly known way to do it, though a fantastic variation or Uttanasana.

it utt chair

And we will practice at home before coming back next year 🙂

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