Collection of articles after BKS Iyengars death of August 2014

I have collected these links after the death of BKS Iyengar. It is a collection of articles in newspapers all over the world, blog posts of students, and inspirational movies.

Many great sources to study the work of Guruji:

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After his death



The Guardian

Yoga International

ABC News

Al Jazeera


Iyengar yoga students/teachers tells about BKS Iyengar

Bobby Clennell

Several in Yoga Journal

Silvia Prescott i The Guardian

Judith Hanson


Parthasarathi Biswas

Cynthia Bates



The days after his death



Patricia Walden tells about experiences with BKS Iyengar


Interviews with BKS Iyengar

Indian Express

May 2014, 9 mins

Nov 2012, 23 mins

One of the last interviews, 3 min

BKS Iyengar at BBC radio:



The Ultimate Freedom – practice and teachings by BKS Iyengar i 1976

Practice 5:39 fra 1977

Practice from 1977, 15 mins

1984, London

The body is my temple, 5 mins

BKS Iyengar Tour in United States 2005


Quotes from BKS Iyengar



BKS Iyengar Nobel peace prize

Facebook page


The future of BKS Iyengars institute in Pune, India

Times of India

ABC News


BKS Iyengar`s Charity project

Indian Express


Film project of documentary of BKS Iyengar:

Jake Clennell



 More links from August 21st


Do you have articles you want to share? Please add a comment below, and I will update this post.

Thank you!

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